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Fabrique Nationale 9mm Serial Number

One of the most coveted of the Browning High Power pistols is the very early production and extremely rare authentic FN pistol accompanied by its letter. It is among the first weapons made after the liberation of Belgium from Germany in 1944. The gun is the astounding serial number 1 and still holds 98% of its original blue finish.

Fabrique Nationale 9mm Serial Number

ATF provides serialization and other firearms identification forensics expertise to assist in the positive identification of firearms when serial numbers have been partially obliterated or have been partially restored.

The Obliterated Serial Number Program allows law enforcement agencies to identify recovered firearms whose origins have been masked by serial number destruction or alteration. ATF uses the information to identify firearms trafficking patterns and related crimes.

NTC Connect provides a secure web-based application through which authorized NTC personnel can send a query by serial number only against an FFL's electronic firearm disposition records and retrieve the corresponding disposition data (if applicable). The data remains the property of the FFL and is not housed at ATF.

The Model 1910 FN Browning was manufactured from 1912 through 1975. Production was halted during the two World Wars, though a few were assembled from parts during the German occupation in World War II. There was no interruption in serial numbers. Year-by-year production figures are not available, but it is known that approximately 69,000 had been made by the beginning of World War I in 1914, and approximately 467,760 had been made by the beginning of World War II. Total production is estimated to have been 704,247. 350c69d7ab


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