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Diverse Kindergarten

About Us

We want to build enthusiasm for reading and writing. In the process of doing this, children will recognize the sounds and shapes of the letters of  the alphabet in a very natural context. Not all children will master their  ABC’s, but they will gain from the exposure to the letters and sounds and  enjoy learning. 
As an introduction to letters, words and phrases, books will be read, and  finger plays and songs will be taught to the children. We will use as many  senses as possible to learn beginning reading skills. This helps the  children remember the new and exciting information they have learned and  tie it in with information they already know. Colors, numbers, and shapes  are also important areas that we spend time daily working on. 
To integrate math and science into our daily activities we will create an  environment that will stimulate children’s curiosity. We will encourage  children to explore. Children will be encouraged to question and then be  given the opportunity and tools to answer those questions through  observation, exploration and through manipulation of objects. We also  enjoy going on field trips and having special visitors come in to teach us  about different careers or cultures.

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