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Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez

Tropico 6 The Llama Of Wall Street-CODEX

the latest instalment of the award-winning, best-selling tropico series is back! play as the president and use your cunning, innovative, and above all, lovable, tricks to steer the island state of tropico into prosperity. start with a modest fishing village and turn it into the world's most important tourist attraction! venture into politics and use your skill in playing the power game to become a dictator!

Tropico 6 The Llama of Wall Street-CODEX

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from freeware to best-selling, award-winning and tropico 6 is a true strategy game series where you play the role of the president of a small island state that has to deal with political instability, environmental issues and the ever-changing needs of your people.

as the president of the island state, you play a key role in tropico's development and fate. you'll make wise economic and political decisions and design a thriving city. think about all the decisions you have to make, like if to impose capital punishment or not. dictatorship or peace? these are the questions you have to answer on a daily basis.

you are the president of a small island state, tropico. from the humble beginnings as a small fishing village you'll turn it into the most powerful country in the world. just try to tropico 6 download torrent, use the keys below the download button to activate the torrent and get your free download. full version of tropico 6 the llama of wall street torrent at great speed!

you're the leader of tropico. its your turn to make decisions. many decisions. what to build, what to upgrade. and how to improve the conditions of your citizens. addictive city-building game. take your time to fully create your dream city.


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