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Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez

Sarah Connor - Just One Last Dance Ft. Natural PORTABLE

Chorus:Just one last dancebefore we say goodbyewhen we sway and turn round and round and roundit's like the first timeJust one more chancehold me tight and keep me warmcause the night is getting coldand I don't know where I belongJust one last dance

Sarah Connor - Just One Last Dance ft. Natural

Throughout last year, I watched as Student Activities took our safety seriously and took adequate measures to protect all students while still hosting events and Coffeehouse was no exception! During the fall semester of 2020, Coffeehouse looked VERY different. It looked like no live performances and recordings of the acts being released to the student body to stream together in small groups. Seeing the way that SA adjusted to the challenges of continuing a Liberty tradition like Coffeehouse with so much creativity was so cool for me to see, and it inspired me. It inspired me to see what we had been given through the pandemic rather than to only see the things that were taken from us. It challenged me to be more creative with what the Lord had given me and to not just see other things as what the Lord was withholding from me, but what He was giving to others for them to steward instead. 041b061a72


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