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McDonald Dodds Series 3 - Episode 1 __EXCLUSIVE__

The final episode of the second series, The War of the Rose, was made available to watch on BritBox services outside of the UK. By June 2022, the episode had still not been broadcast in the UK, despite having been released on DVD in Germany, Australia and the United States.[9] Subsequently, it was announced that the episode would instead air as if it were the third episode of Series 3 in the UK. Due to the casting changes between series, running this episode third in series 3 would have created a continuity problem, so it was decided to reshoot James Murray's scenes with Claire Skinner instead. This means there are two versions of the episode in circulation: the 'international' version with James Murray as the Chief Super, and the 'UK' version with Claire Skinner as the Chief Super.[10]

McDonald Dodds Series 3 - Episode 1

McDonald & Dodds season 3 is a four-part series that begins on ITV on Sunday June 19 at 8pm, with each episode airing weekly. Episodes will also be available to stream on the ITV Hub. We'll update here with an international and US air date in 2022. Seasons 1 and 2 of McDonald & Dodds can be seen on BritBox in the US, so we expect season 3 to arrive on that channel in the US too.

There are four episodes in season 3 of McDonalds and Dodds to look forward to. As was the case for the first two series, episodes air as feature length films lasting around two hours each.

The first series, which consisted of only two episodes, then followed this up with Wilderness Of Mirrors, which followed our detectives as they investigated the untimely death of a wealthy patient staying in a private rehab clinic.

McDonald and Dodds first premiered on ITV in March 2020. It is reported that the series was initially only meant to have a single season consisting of two feature-length episodes with a running time of 90 minutes or less.

This is as when season 2 of the series was made available on BritBox, it consisted of a total of four episodes, but the season 2 television run on ITV only had 3 episodes, which did not include the season finale.

Having overcome the challenges of shooting through Covid, the series returned in winningly silly fashion with the first of three new feature-length episodes. It found Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins striking a cheery tone as the eponymous mismatched detectives fighting crime on the mean streets of Somerset. 041b061a72


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