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Evil Nun: The Horror Game That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Sister Madeline evil nunProduction InformationFirst episodeLatest episode"Evil Nun 1 (Evil Nun franchise)""Evil Nun: The Broken Mask"Voice ActorTamara RyanInformationGenderFemaleSpeciesHuman (before Nazrat's curse)Crazy, Demonic, Undead, Psycho (after the curse)

The director of The Nun has childhood memories of visiting a great aunt who was a nun and taking her out for ice cream. For 43-year-old Corin Hardy, there is something about the hooded habit and the need to look beyond it to see good or evil that makes nuns a great horror trope.

evil nun

"One reason for the popularity of the evil nun trope is simply that nuns are concealed," said Kathrin Trattner, a German scholar of religion and film. "The nunnery is not accessible, especially to men, and their bodies are veiled. This brings forth fantasies of what potentially shocking secrets may be hidden behind these impenetrable walls."

So when films flourished in the 20th century, the evil nun trope was well-established and ready for the Hollywood treatment. Haxan, a 1922 silent film featured a leering devil goading sisters to evil deeds, and 1947's Black Narcissus had a whole cloister of nuns embroiled in lust, jealousy and insanity.

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The recent flood of films, television and books that showcase the evil nun trope come at a time of some ambivalence toward religion. Meryl Streep played a iron-willed nun in the film Doubt (2008); Jessica Lange played a sadistic nun at an insane asylum on American Horror Story: Asylum (2012); and in her most recent novel, The Ninth Hour, Alice McDermott's nuns do things that will send them straight to hell.

"The evil nun contributes to a picture of the Catholic Church as a morally rotten organization, where bad things happen under a veil of holiness," Heimerl said. "But I think it is important to watch them and distinguish between the trope for mere entertainment, as in American Horror Story and for legitimate critique, as The Magdalene Sisters."

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Michael Myers wore a hockey mask in 11 Halloween movies. Myers wore a different mask and was featured in 10 Halloween films. In addition, the story said The Conjuring franchise is about a devilish doll. The demonic doll is the focus of the spinoff Annabelle movies. The article also downplayed the role of Valak in an earlier Conjuring movie. Finally, the story suggested The Canterbury Tales were written in the 13th century. The collection was written at the end of the 14th century.

It's unknown what kind of person she was before her daughter's demise but after it, more after Elisa's death and also in evil nun 2 she became very eccentric, distressed and hostile wanting to resuscitate Elisa but so much in evil nun 1, the broken mask, horror brawl and rush she adopts an evil personality, murderer, religious and equally ( if not more) hostile .because Sister Madeline broke the first and second rules of Nazrat she became much more ugly and she acquired a certain insanity (presumably psychosis or schizophrenia) because she doesn't behave like she used to behave like she used much so that Sister Madeline switches from the personality of an embittered mother wanting to stay with her son Rod and her late daughter Elisa to the personality of a fanatical religious, murderous, hostile nun who tortures and enslaves the laundress's children and the blue-handed child.

Evil Nun 2: Origin, a prequel, follows a different child who has to escape the clutches of Sister Madeline before she uses them for evil rituals. It won't be easy because she has help tracking down problematic children.

  • Deal with the Devil: In the Secret Ending, Madeline makes a deal with the demon Nazret to bring back her daughter, Elisa.

  • Prequel: Evil Nun 2 takes place sometime prior to Evil Nun proper, when Sister Madeline was once a normal woman (but still a threat to escape).

  • Time Bomb: One of the possible methods to incapacitate Sister Madeline and her mutant chicken minions is with a bomb that goes off after a couple seconds.

Seeing Vivian rebel and stand up against the strict rules only made Sister Janice question her upbringing. Hearing this, Vivian's heart softens and sympathizes for her teacher's struggles, realizing that Sister Janice was not at all an evil nun who hated her, but rather, she secretly admired Vivian from the start. Sister Janice goes on to say that she liked some parts of Vivian's book, except when she uses the word "ain't". To Sister Janice, "ain't" is not a real word.

In this prequel, it is revealed that the Cârța Monastery was built somewhere in Romania by a duke centuries ago. Becoming obsessed with dark magic and Satanism, the Duke attempts to summon a demonic force from the catacombs only to be killed by the members of the Vatican who then sealed the rift with the Blood of Christ. Hundreds of years later, the monastery was bombed heavily during the events of World War II, releasing the same evil spirit from its imprisonment. The demon had since taken the form of a nun as a means of blending with the other nuns as well as to mock their faith. Throughout the years, nuns continuously prayed in communion to combat the evil, but in vain as the demonic entity walked freely around the monastery all nights, in the form of a nun to mock their faith.

In a post-credits scene, Valak is seen roaming the candlelit halls of the Cârța Monastery in Romania in 1952. Judging by the scene where Janice is led by a nun-like figure to the cottage where Annabelle possesses her, Valak intentionally helped the other evil spirit with its goal.


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