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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

Leading Wholesalers & Distributors of Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper rolls are widely used for printing receipts and labels. They're preferred over traditional bond papers due to several reasons, including high-quality prints at lower cost, fast print speed, and long shelf life. 

Master Distributors is the leading wholesaler and distributor of thermal paper rolls in Canada and the US. We also stock a wide range of other products like barcode scanners, custom labels, adhesive labels, thermal printers, and more. 

We procure the highest quality thermal papers from reputed manufacturers exclusively to boost customer experience and servicing.  

A Premium Clientele

We have over two decades of experience in serving retail businesses across Canada and the US. We're proud to partner with proud customers in healthcare, hospitality, education, government offices, pharmacies, and the Cannabis industry. 

We also have a carefully selected assortment of thermal printers from top brands. Whether you want thermal papers for your cash register, POS terminal, ATM, gas receipts, or anything else - Master Distributors can fulfill your requirements. 

We ensure our papers are safe and of the highest quality. Call 1-888-905-7008 or send an email to to purchase our high-quality thermal paper rolls. 



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