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Caleb Bell

Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure Download... __FULL__

You'll explore an island full of mystery and surprises, with racing tracks built in medieval castles, post-apocalyptic towns and various other unusual landscapes. Only your opponents keep you from crossing the finish line on your four wheels, whether they're controlled by AI, an online opponent or a player next to you in split-screen challenges.

Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure Download...

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Beach Buggy Racing 2 Island Adventure comes as part of a series that's about as straightforward as you can get when it comes to kart racing games. That's not necessarily a bad thing either. It keeps racing mechanics simple for everyone to enjoy and builds upon those foundations adding weird and wacky stuff into the mix - hence, the mysterious island setting for this entry.

The problem remains how entertaining Beach Buggy Racing 2 Island Adventure can remain after numerous releases of the same vain. Is the racer going to be just another skin? Or is there going to be some epic adventure afoot? Players are guaranteed solid racing mechanics, but will they get a good game?

So what's new in this increasingly popular casual racing franchise? Well, as you can gather by the title, our racers now find themselves competing in a unique, mysterious island setting. But that's the bare minimum of what we should expect from Beach Buggy Racing 2 Island Adventure. What about new assets, karts, and mechanics? Are there even any new game modes or objectives?

Funny you should ask - but yes, there's quite a bit of content thrown into the mix despite the game running on the same platform as the others. Apart from exploring temples, dragon-filled castles, and bizarre island locations, you'll have a plethora of new karts to unlock. Who doesn't like competing in a racing league with moon buggies and monster trucks?

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