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Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie [HOT] Download 1080p

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie Download 1080p: A Sequel Worth Watching

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 is a Hindi action thriller movie that is a sequel to the 1994 hit film Hum Hain Bemisaal. The movie stars Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Shilpa Shirodkar, and Madhoo in the lead roles. The movie follows the story of Vijay and Michael, who team up to take down a ruthless gangster who is after their lives.

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie Download 1080p

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Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie Plot

The movie begins with a flashback of how Michael (Suniel Shetty), a hitman, was betrayed by his employer Tootie Shah (Rami Reddy) when he decided to retire after one last job. He then joined forces with Inspector Vijay (Akshay Kumar), who was also a friend of his deceased father DSouza (Pran), to confront the gangsters who were out to kill him.

In the present day, Vijay and Michael are living happily with their respective wives Marya (Madhoo) and Didi (Shilpa Shirodkar), who are sisters. They also have a daughter named Jaya (Ayesha), who is a karate black belt and a computer expert. One day, Jaya gets kidnapped by Tootie Shahs men, who demand a ransom of Rs. 10 crore and also want Michael to kill Vijay.

Vijay and Michael refuse to comply and decide to rescue Jaya from Tootie Shahs hideout in Bangkok. They also discover that Tootie Shah is planning to launch a nuclear missile on India using Jayas expertise. They have to stop him before he succeeds in his evil plan.

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie Cast

The movie features some of the popular actors of Bollywood, such as:

  • Akshay Kumar as Inspector Vijay Sinha

  • Suniel Shetty as Michael

  • Shilpa Shirodkar as Didi

  • Madhoo as Marya

  • Rami Reddy as Tootie Shah

  • Jagdeep as Havaldar Khadak Singh

  • Pran as Sikand DSouza

  • Avtar Gill as Kaliya

  • Arun Bakshi as Darshan Bagga

  • Vikas Anand as Pradeep Saxena

  • Kunika as Tutishas girl

  • Raj Tilak as Commissioner

  • Gavin Packard as Gavin

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie Review

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 is a movie that delivers what it promises: action, thrill, and entertainment. The movie has some amazing stunts and fight sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The chemistry between Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty is also commendable, as they share a great bond of friendship and loyalty. The movie also has some comic relief from Jagdeep and Arun Bakshi, who play the roles of bumbling cops.

The movie also has some drawbacks, such as a weak plot, c481cea774


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