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[S5E7] The Good Guy Fluctuation BEST

At the comic book store, while Sheldon discusses his Texas background meaning that there will be revenge. A good looking girl wanders into the store which Stuart tries to talk to but can't. She picks up a Hellboy comic book that Leonard was purchasing and then connects with her. (You're cute.) She offers to make a trade for that one and gives him her phone number. Howard and Stuart were impressed. Stuart takes his picture for the store's "Wall of Heroes" display.

[S5E7] The Good Guy Fluctuation

Leonard has a formal date with Alice. As they are heading toward sex, Leonard's conscience gets the better of him. He tells her that he has a girlfriend which seriously annoys Alice who calls him just another jerk. Leonard explains that he is a good guy and wants to just be friends. She throws him out of the apartment. As Leonard walks down the hall, he calls himself an idiot.

At Alice's apartment, Leonard and Alice are kissing when he realizes he can't go through with this. He finally comes clean about having a girlfriend, causing her to be angry that he's just like all the other men. Leonard claims he is a good guy as he didn't go through with sex, missing the fact he led her on and ultimately still cheated on his girlfriend. Back home, Leonard video chats Priya to tell her about his misdemeanor. Priya is very understanding and admits she's cheated on him, though she actually did sleep with somebody else. Leonard is disappointed that not only has Priya cheated on him, he missed his chance as well. When Leonard ends the conversation, Sheldon jumps out of the couch cushions, proclaiming "Bazinga, punk. Now we're even."

The Big Bang Theory has always been a show that is packed with comedic moments and this episode is no exception. It is no wonder why this episode is considered one of the best of this season so far. From Sheldon's mischievous attempts to scare the guys to Leonard and Priya's relationship woes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a fan of the show or just looking for a good laugh, this episode is sure to please. 041b061a72


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