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House Flipper Garden Update V1 18-CODEX

Greetings to STEAMPUNKS & CPY LNK^CPS 02/2015 Update v1.18:House Flipper:New Content- A brand new house - Man Cave - available for purchase- New items including acoustic guitar, billiard table and posters- Two new gamepad layouts- Two new window cleaner movement variants to choose in mouse control settings- Two new currencies: Norwegian krone and South African randChanges- A magnifying glass should no longer be required to read order description- Changelog view and new game can now be launched only in the main menu- Appraisers' negotiation skills were improvedBugs fixed and optimization- The door will no longer refuse to interact with you (even if it's placed incorrectly)- Apocalypse DLC light switch can now be sold- We've performed an exorcism on "Alone Home", so the ghosts of walls should not haunt the house anymore- Paint and pictures feud was resolved- Lintels can be built over doors- Asian fonts will now appear correctly on the loading screen- House statistics will now update correctly- Madame set kitchen cabinets will now sound right- Window cleaner will now respect your sound settings- We've removed secret buttons from bunker hatches- Cockroaches won't infest your CPU anymore- Seller tool was stripped of its superpowers - it shouldn't cause visual lags anymore - missing windows and garage doors were restored- House progress saving issues were resolved- The tablet's performance was improved- Some translations were correctedGarden FlipperChanges- Tree trunk may now be removed with an axe- Ponds' visuals were improvedBugs fixed- Objects can now be placed on top of sports surfaces- "House after construction's" ground floor has been flattened to address some issues with placing items there- You should now be able to unlock all gardener skills even if you have found no shrubbery (or you've found an ugly or too expensive one)- Flowers should now reflect the light correctly---------------------------------------Small bug fixes - 11.06.2019- Fixed a bug causing the wrong version of the save file to load in- Fixed a bug causing the windows and other objects to disappear from certain saves. Most objects that disappeared should be back now.- Molehills could break the game during the loading screen in some cases (gardens too dense to have free space for molehills to appear). This is also fixed now.---------------------------------------Small bug fixes - 05.06.2019- Fixed a bug causing the issues while planting too close to the fence.

House Flipper Garden Update v1 18-CODEX



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